Thursday, August 18, 2011

New School Year

We officially began the first day of school today. I now have 2 kids in middle school, a kindergarten boy and a preschool girl. 3 of those 4 children were ready to tackle the first day of school. My Kindergarten boy......well he WAS NOT at all ready to go to school. He did really well at home, before we left the house. He let me take pictures and was in a good mood.

We first dropped the 2 middle school kids off. They are way too big (so they think) to have Dad & Mom walking them to their home room class or taking any pictures of them at school in front of friends. So, I only have the few pictures of them taken prior to loading up and heading to school. We then drove to the elementary school to take our big Kindergarten (I am NOT going to school) boy. My husband, preschool daughter and I walked him to his classroom. The teacher gave him a name tag, he took it off and threw it on the floor. I gave him a kiss told him to have a good day and walked away. I left my husband there to be the bad guy.

My preschooler and I went to the front of the school and waited. We waited and preschool told me that her brother was going to make her late for school. So, I had one the teachers go down and tell my husband that I was going to take Blanche on to her school. Blanche went in to preschool like a big girl all ready to start her new adventures. She acted so big. She let me take pictures of her. She likes the camera, plus she is still young enough that she doesn't mind mommy taking pictures of her.

I was about to leave and go back to pick my husband up across the road but he was standing outside the door. He told me that leaving Gibson was not good. He left Gibson with the principal holding him in his classroom. I'm sad that we had to leaving him on his first day being so sad and probably scared of his new big school, but he has to go to school. I called the school later to see how he was doing.....they said he was sitting at his desk doing just fine. I hope that his day gets better. Can't wait to hear about the kids day later tonight. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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