Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Good Morning.....FINALLY

After days and days of a little boy telling me that he is not going to school, me dragging him out of bed, dragging him into the Tahoe, buckling him up in his seat and hoping he isn't unbuckled and out of the Tahoe before I get myself buckled up and out of the garage, dragging him out of the Tahoe once we get to school, dragging him down the hall way to his class room only to have 2 teachers peel him off of me (believe me I have had a work out every week day morning since August 18th) yesterday FINALLY my little kindergartner walked right up to the bus, went up the stairs and didn't even look back. WHEW WEEE.....I am happy that my big kindergartner finally made that BIG step to go to school without all the extra work to get him there from me. But at the same time...I am a little sad because this is just another step in this once baby boy of mine growing up. Although he has told me that he would always give me hugs and kisses no matter how big he got....awwww! Oh, I did get a hug and kiss before he walked towards that big yellow bus. Here's a couple of pictures of the kids waiting for the bus. Only 3 of the kids ride the bus.

Blanche (the 4 year old) goes to preschool but I have to take her every day and then Ripken, my baby boy who is already 10 months old well he gets to spend his days at Grandma & Grandpa Pyatt's house. No better babysitter than grandparents. I'm sure he is getting spoiled rotten, especially since he is the only one with Grandma & Grandpa all day....but hey isn't that what a grandparents job is???? Hope that everyone is having a good day and that their little school kids are going to school with out putting up a fight like my boy has been since the 18th of August.

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